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4 credit cards and one overdraft protection account

December 17th, 2006 at 01:06 pm

Providian $8922.06
A.T & T $1340
Chase $1980
Discover $3670
Patelco $4511.79

My weaknesses: Anthropologie clothing, shoes, lattes, thriftstores, lack of sleep

My Strengths: Good work ethic, nice person, capable of seeing the glass half

I would like to be debt free in a year. I will stretch my capabilities.........today I have not spent any money. I am at home all day doing laundry and thinking of how not to pay 99 cents a song to load up the IPOD. My husband says he can load on songs from cds. I'm going to be seeing what the $77 gym fee really comes down to per day.

3 Responses to “4 credit cards and one overdraft protection account”

  1. yummy64 Says:


    The only solution regarding the uploading songs is to just "not to". Each song you upload is $1 you have chosen to "spluge" and not put toward your credit cards.. does it help you to think of it that way?

  2. Aleta Says:

    How and why did you find this website? Were you looking for answers? You will find a lot of help here. Welcome!

  3. mariejensen2007 Says:

    For the first comment:I am saying yes to free songs, I've made it an official challenge.
    For the second comment: I found this site, because I have a greeting card company called Kimiko Cards. I googled Kimiko, and Kimiko's Personal Finance Blog came up. I read it and loved it and instantly joined. I joined because I sabotage my finances dailey and I need help, or support or mean jeers or...or.... funny jokes mailed to me to feel better. I like reading peoples suggestions, and it is fun! They work!

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