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Survey says...

July 5th, 2007 at 03:42 pm

I found out about taking surveys from an ad someone here had. The site is vindale.com I have found I have actually made money doing this. You do need a credit card though. Mainly you need it to sign up for free trials, if at the end of the trial period you don't cancel then bingo, they charge your card. For instance I made about $30 signing up for blockbuster free trial. I got three movies to watch free and then I cancelled. I had to fill out a ten minute survey that was very easy. Some surveys have acquisition fees or shipping fees of the free samples but those are pretty minimal.
You should try it unless you are shy about picking up the phone and cancelling a trial membership, or think you will forget to. I myself have a huge calendar right next to my computer right next to my phoneSmile Otherwise try it! So far I've made $76 for about a half hours work.

top 10 Reasons why I design greeting cards

May 23rd, 2007 at 08:40 pm

Top ten things about my job as a greeting card designer:

10. Knowing it's not life or death.
9. I get to listen to whatever radio station I want.
8. The only one that can veto the designs is me.
7. Knowing someone is getting a card I've designed and smiling.
6. Seeing my cards in stores.
5. Buying fancy Japanese paper.
4. Latte breaks.
3. Faxed in orders.
2. I get to use a 100 year old letterpress.
1. Having a job that I love and work that I'm proud of.

A year's worth of credit

December 25th, 2006 at 11:53 am

Today I'm at 757. In 2006, lowest credit score was 707, my husband broke his wrist in three places which is a bummer when it's the same wrist you use if you're an acupuncturist. We had one income, my income, for around 6 months-thats how come the crdit cards got racked. Highest was 791. New goal this year is 800.
1/6 791
2/6 776
3/6 776
4/6 766
5/6 709
6/6 707
7/6 745
8/6 752
9/6 752
10/6 748
11/6 741
12/6 757

Thank you Thank you Thank you

December 21st, 2006 at 12:09 am

Thanks evrybody who replied to the unofficial emergency savings pole. You guys are great. What I have learned is I should do what works best for me with a high emphasis on stash up that ef first then use it if needed instead of the cc's. I am going to putthat plan in action this month. New plan: I am getting a $1000 holiday bonus. With this I will buty four new tires and whatever's left will go into savings. I will deposit $250 a month until I have $1000. Like I always tell my husband....I sure do love you, but your lovin' doesn't pay my billsSmile

What is best? Unofficial pole

December 19th, 2006 at 05:17 pm

Is it better to put $ away for emergencies-then start paying down the cards so that you can use the savings instead of the cc? Or is it better to put every dime towards the cc's then only if an emergency comes up use them?

4 credit cards and one overdraft protection account

December 17th, 2006 at 01:06 pm

Providian $8922.06
A.T & T $1340
Chase $1980
Discover $3670
Patelco $4511.79

My weaknesses: Anthropologie clothing, shoes, lattes, thriftstores, lack of sleep

My Strengths: Good work ethic, nice person, capable of seeing the glass half

I would like to be debt free in a year. I will stretch my capabilities.........today I have not spent any money. I am at home all day doing laundry and thinking of how not to pay 99 cents a song to load up the IPOD. My husband says he can load on songs from cds. I'm going to be seeing what the $77 gym fee really comes down to per day.