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mostly recovered

April 27th, 2007 at 11:27 pm

I borrowed $600 from my work. $100 for the rental car, $500 for the repair and DH put $185 on his c.c. I just got paid so am paying them back. It will be nice not to have it all on the c.c. bill when I open up next month's statement...

car blues what to do?

April 25th, 2007 at 09:37 pm

Good News: 5th day no credit card use.

Bad News: My car broke down today (on the free way, with two small children and no cell phone!) It is costing $650

Good News: We are all ok. We had to wait 1/2 hour on the freeway until CalTrans came and pushed us out of traffic.

Bad News: CalTrans pushed us to the only available open spot there was-a bus stop. I got a $250 ticket for parking at a bus stop. They don't care that it was an emergency and I had my car towed within the hour.

Good News: After some time, I was able to reach my mom who came and picked us up. I rented a car dropped my 18 month old at daycare and my four year old son and I went to his school field trip to the zoo, only two hours late.

Bad News: The other day I cut up every one of my credit cards. I always kept them around for such an occasion only to rack up non-emergency debt, so I said enough is enough.

Good News: I have no credit cards to charge non emergency debt

Bad News: I have no way to pay the $650 with no credit cards.

Good News: I get $2000 on the 1st.

Bad News: The car will probably be ready tomorrow and I've used up my EF fund

Good News: I have learned what an EF fund is really for

Bad News: Not sure what I should do to come up with the money in the meantime. I could possibly ask my grandmother for a loan, write a credit card check to myself or the car place, borrow my husband's credit card.....

Good News: reading any suggestions that moght help!

The case of mistaken identity

April 21st, 2007 at 12:53 pm

I accidently paid my Working Assets Visa credit card payment to my Working Assets Phone bill. Now I have a credit on my usually low ($30)long distance bill for $230, and a missed payment on my usually high ($4500) Visa bill. Frown