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free vs. spending gone wild

December 17th, 2006 at 07:39 pm

So I decided to try out those sayings you hear like, "What goes around comes around." We loaded up the car with our weekly donations for Elizabeth House. This is a charity that takes EVERYTHING. No questions or regulations -they are happy to get anything you offer. After that we went to a garage sale and looked through boxes of free stuff. We took three hats for the kids, one angel figurine and one sweater for me. We were almost home when we spotted the new clothing store with bright kids tee shirts out front. I actually had to do a three point turn to turn the car around. I should have known there'd be trouble. It was a new small store that was half punk half vintage and also sold silkscreen kids shirts. My four year old found a tiger shirt he couldn't resist a shirt for dad who actually has no shirts without holes and a shirt for me. $68 less rich is what I am today. How do people resist the temptation? Payday just came and went so this went on the overdraft. Next payday is December 27th which should yeald around 2 grand. Enough to knock off 10% of the cards. Although I desperately NEED 4 new tires. One blew last night and I'm riding around on the spare.....

4 Responses to “free vs. spending gone wild”

  1. i'm going to win Says:

    See a store and need to make u-turn to get to it, you can go back later or you really don't need it. Rule number 25 in the life of Michael. the store will be in the same spot when you return later.

  2. mariejensen2007 Says:

    But what if there's an earthquake and its no longer there? Just kiddingSmile You're right!

  3. cindilee Says:

    So if $68 went on your overdraft then those three shirts are going to cost you around $100.00! Whoa! (overdraft fee here is $30) I very rarely buy new clothing, I find just as nice or usually much better quality name brand stuff at garage sales and flea markets, but to each his own.

    I do believe in what goes around comes around but you also have to watch what you spend etc. I would think you could have bought a tire with the money you spent on the clothing. Sometimes I think karma applies in all areas of life, even financial.

    Good luck to you, I hope it all works out!

  4. mariejensen2007 Says:

    Re: Overdraft is free. Well, not really-here's the fine print. It doubled as a credit card-like an atm card with a Visa sign on it. Therefore they are still charging 7% on the unpaid balances every month.

    Re: Karma. You are so right one. I am going to remember that. My tire change was free cause I had a spare and triple A. I tipped the tire changer $7, all I had in my holy pocketSmile Had I not had a spare I bet I would have been thinking-let's see how good these three tee shirts will do taking the place of a flat tire and getting me home. I once went to a garage sale with a new roomate. We were set on buying chairs. We ended up with 2 Cochina dolls and a set of drinking glasses. My roomates dad says, "You going to use those to sit on?" That Rolling Stones song is set up backwarsd in my head, it plays like this: You can always get what you want, but you can't always get what you need. I'm going to try my best to set it straight........

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