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vacation's all I ever wanted....

December 18th, 2006 at 03:26 pm

My vacation officially starts today. I asked my boss to cash it out but she declined. I'm one of those people who usually work during their vacation, although today I made it out of there by 3:00 and handed the pager to my assistent. I get two weeks. I have until today to return some shoes I got on EBAY. This will get me $107 back in the bank. Plus I got my Discover card statement today and I got the $20 cashback bonus on it. I am going to get into my 1984 car now with it's original stereo-no cd, or DVD, just tapes & radio. Music is the best when you catch your favorite song on the radio and don't have a copy at home. Once I buy a copy of the song the next time I hear it played isn't as exiting for me..........I am challenging myself to free music only for one year...........................

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