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Today was a good day after all

April 20th, 2007 at 03:05 pm

I received my discover card statement thinking I was going to have a much lower balance than last month. It was higher than last month's by about $200 I forgot I spent $250 on Turbo tax-one for my husbands corp., the other income tax. Then I learned I have a 19% interest rate and interest alone is $51. That made me frustrated enough to find both of my discover cards and another credit card and cut up all three. I am going to try cash only for the next 40 days. That is my new challenge! Today my grandmother took me and my son out to lunch, gave me $20 for gas, and bought me a new belt. I resisted temptation from 2 of the cutest sweaters you've ever seen in the Thrift store. It's been a great day.

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