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Addicted to Jeremy's...

April 28th, 2007 at 12:40 pm

I went to Jeremy's today. That's where I get clothes to sell on EBAY. It's mostly clothing from Anthropologie that isn't in season and is about 50% off. This is good because I sell these clothes on EBAY and bad because I want to buy clothes for myself. I picked up 6 items equaling about $140. Then I put back 4 of the items. It came to $40 for the two items. I didn't use the c.c.which I'm glad about. However, I'm a little disappointed about spending anything at all....Just two days ago I didn't have a dime and now that I've been paid why is it I always feel I have excess cash when I have credit card bills to pay??? While in the checkout line I heard a patron say, "I go shopping and my BF says who is this Jeremy anyway? Jeremy's is like my crack dealer she said. Only instead of crack it's clothes!"

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